JT 8300 Dot Series - The film that works for you!

There is no need to be an expert to apply and remove graphics in no time,thanks to the JT 8300 Dot Series!


Designed for employees of commercial spaces struggling with the application of promotional graphics, JT 8300 Dot Series is even easier to handle than products with a air egress. The special dotted adhesive allows users to achieve a very professional result thanks to the products’ excellent transparency and printability on all technologies.

Create impactful designs while reducing the costs related to professional applicators for short-term decorations in commercial spaces and exhibitions.

Advantages :

  • Easy and fast application and removability thanks to the dotted adhesive

  • Good printability on all main platforms

  • Excellent transparency with minimum interference of dots (for JT 8300 CG - RT)

  • Good adhesion power on glass and smooth surfaces

  • No water and application tools needed


For more information, click here to see the sell sheet.  




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